Terms of Payment and Delivery

To all our trading partners: pilot Computerhandels GmbH provides you not only with a personal contact, but also with a web shop, which you can use at any time. Our online shop not only makes it possible to order goods quickly and conveniently. It also enables you to search for product information and to check current availability status.

Through its neutral aspect you can also effect orders and pre-bookings directly with your customers. You will reach the web shop via SHOP LOGIN. If you have not set up a joint user, you do not need to enter one in the login. Should you have problems when logging into the online shop, you will find help here.

Information on ordering

Give your order to your personal contact in Sales or in the pilot web shop.

Terms and conditions of delivery

pilot Computerhandels GmbH supplies resellers and registered pilot customers only. On this matter please read our Terms & Conditions of Business.

Terms and conditions of payment

Payments are due upon receipt of goods pursuant to the terms and conditions agreed under prepayment.


Our goods are shipped by UPS. In the case of larger deliveries, we ship by a freight forwarder. You will pay the costs of carriage.

Costs of carriage

Please ask your personal contact to state the costs of carriage. The charge will be for insured goods shipment.

Minimum order value

The minimum order value is EUR 500.

Bank details

For money transfers please use the following bank details (information sheet on bank details)

Goods in original packaging

If packaging is opened, the recipient shall have a duty of purchase. These goods cannot be taken back by pilot Computerhandels GmbH. By opening a sealed software package, the recipient recognises the manufacturer's terms and conditions of licence. Exchange and return are then no longer possible.


Naturally you will receive the statutory guarantee of 24 months on all products purchased from pilot.

Damage in transit, service, RMA

You will find further information on these subjects under Service


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